What we buy

I Buy Copper Wire (IBCW) has been serving the middle Tennessee area for over 5 years with the most competitive prices and reliable serviceIBCW customers benefit from establishing a long-term relationship with Nashville’s most reputable buyer.  IBCW use State of TN certified scales to ensure proper weights for our clients. Every purchase is weighed right in front of the customer and payment is made on the spot. We invite you to compare our rates with our competitors,  IBCW guarantees the top prices for your sale.

  • ​IBCW will buy any wire, from the low-grade Cat-5 up to Bare-Bright. 
  • IBCW removes the inconvenience of scrap yard.  
  • IBCW buys any form of scrap metal.
  • Why wait in line to get paid less?  Instead deal directly with the IBCW wire processing plant.


We offer the best prices

  • Bare Bright
  • #1 Copper wire
  • #2  Copper wire
  • THHN (16-8 awg insulated)
  • Med THHN (6 awg-400 mcm)
  • Large THHN (500 mcm+)
  • Telco/Cat-5
  • AL wire
  • Romex
  • Alarm wire                                                                                                                                                             

I Buy Copper Wire